New Beginnings

Welcome to my new blog!  Rather than proselytizing on my personal life and political views, I’m hoping to create a forum here to share ideas on music and media as well as to post some transcriptions and other odds and ends. And as an audiophile and “recording archivist”, I thought a blog would be a great way to discuss and share some rare historical live recordings I’ve acquired through the years (and hopefully get some leads from readers as well in return!). And to my fellow musicians, we are all facing an era of rapid change in the music industry and society with the acceleration of the digital age; there are many issues that I think merit our attention so that we can remain vital and continue to bring our art to the world. Hopefully, a thoughtful discussion of such topics would be helpful for all of us!  Accordingly, I’ll be sharing some thoughts on the music industry, book reviews, and more that I think could help all of us grapple with our roles in a changing world (and our desire/need to continue making creative music!). But more than anything else, I’m hoping to have a dialogue here on all the above, put our heads together and share resources and ideas from favorite practice routines to independently releasing an album to putting together a budget friendly hifi digital music setup.

But all that will all come in due time, as there’s lots of ground to cover!

So in the meantime, here’s my first audio offering:

1) Ever wondered what Coltrane sounded like at 25?  Here’s Dizzy Gillespie’s sextet and septet, radio broadcasts live from Birdland in early 1951 with Coltrane, Milt Jackson, Billy Taylor, Percy Heath, and Art Blakey (probable personnel).  I’m pretty psyched about the bass level in the mix, considering the source. It’s also interesting to hear Trane on Good Bait in 1951 and compare it to the 1963 Showboat recording 12 years later.

2) and for you classical enthusiasts, here’s one of my favorite pianists, Claudio Arrau, performing Liszt’s Second Piano Concerto with the New York Philharmonic in 1953 and 1982.  They make for an interesting comparison with a 29 year separation in performance dates.

as will always be the case, I intend no copyright infringement or violation (a topic of future posting); to my knowledge, these recordings are not commercially available.  The attached notes in the files are the original uploaders’.  And finally, if you are not familiar with megaupload, it is free and easy to use, no signup needed, just wait 45 seconds for the “regular download” link to be available and you can download the file in zip format easily.

Hope to see you back here!

-Thomson Kneeland

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I live a double life as a jazz doublebassist and composer as well as a software developer/data scientist in NYC View all posts by AudibleArchitect

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